Why Attend?

Transcending the Mindset that got us into the Problem

We are here for those seeking answers...

Have you become aware of the invisible hand that guides the decisions of your community leaders regardless of what the people want?

Have you been hearing about freedom movements and PMAs? Or perhaps you have a PMA and would like to know how to really flex its capacities?

Would you like to know how to move beyond hearing general information about these principles and actually participate with others who are already practicing it?

Are you concerned about what is unfolding in society? So are we.

Just like you, we are seeing answers being offered by the same system that created the problems. Last we looked, this is the definition of insanity.

We’re doing something about it, and you’re invited.

Learn what it takes

In the span of two days:

You will gain a thorough understanding of the Public domain aka; the public control system. How this system influences decisions of federal, statae & local officials. And learn the tools to navigate yourself out of the Public, and into the private domain.

  • Learn private domain structures such as private trusts, unincorporated associations, 508(c)(1)(a) & how they work to your advantage and,
  • Gain the skills necessary to flex those newly acquired private domain muscles effectively:
    • Operate in the private domain safely and the structures within it
    • Protocol for responding to public agencies
    • How to navigate your private domain as the civic and cultural landscape shifts.
    • Learn what substance is and why it matters over form.
  • You will gain insights on how the future looks and how new models and structures support the way we live and the way we work.
  • You will walk away with a network of free-minded individuals like yourself, who are looking to come together as a community devoted to true freedom and, resources to further your journey into a Private Society.
  • Learn how to protect your land, assets, family and business from state over-reach.
  • Learn about & how to set up Private; education centers with new curriculums, food systems, Health & wellness models, banking/transactions systems & more… and how they function outside the jurisdiction of the public system.

The type of people attending

Who is going to be there

If you made it this far you will fit right in.

Liberti’s Horizon: We are activists, educators, and forward thinking people taking fierce hearted actions in regaining our freedoms. We are actively developing new markets lawfully and re-establish our governmental body county by county. To move towards a truly  free, private society.

Liberti's Horizon is almost here.

The power of going private, don't miss it.

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