A Special Event, Inside of the Event

Liberti’s Horizon Leadership Council

Sunday May 1, 2022

We are no longer accepting applications for the Liberti's Horizon Leadership Council

As we venture forward into the emerging terrain of Liberti’s Horizon, we see leaders from all walks of life and all corners of the country rising up, staking a claim, and creating solutions and paths of resiliency in their local regions. These are the people we want in the room.

Are You a Local Leader Making Ways for Resiliency, Privacy and Solutions in your Field?


What does a free society look like?

As the landscape of our society is rapidly shifting, many people are starting to wake up to the fact that we are going to have to find new ways to do business and pursue our passions in life. Many believe that the crux of this is learning how to live outside the public control system, aka PRIVATELY.

Activists, educators, and forward-thinking people are taking bold-hearted actions to regain our freedoms and lead our lives as we see fit. It’s clear we need to develop new markets lawfully, fortify the infrastructures that create a well-rounded life, and re-establish our governmental body county-by-county to move towards a truly free society.

Sunday’s Leadership Council will gather select leaders and speakers into a special space to engage in a facilitated dialog and discovery session. Together they will address pressing issues facing their missions, and what is needed as we face forward into a resilient and free society. 

In this curated space everyone will have an opportunity to speak and connect on the pressing matters facing their space of development. Together we will explore possibilities of coming together and strengthening each other and the important work we have ahead.

We will propose a national leadership council in each state that will have delegates, Initially, for 7 aspects of society; education, food, banking/transactions, media/technology, natural resources, governance, & health.

The intent is to create a more cohesive space for society to come learn, gain resources, meet others for support & insights to move into the private domain.

The live stream of the Leadership Council will be available to all attendees, both in-person and virtual.

Join Us for the Leadership Council on
Sunday, May 1st, 2022
9:30 am – 11:30 am


If  You or Someone You know is an excellent fit for the Leadership Council, Please register by clicking the link below, upon review of your application, we will be in touch regarding your participation and to secure your space in the event and council.