As a part of empowering and equipping us all to move forward and advance along Liberti’s Horizon, we are pleased to share with you a list of some of the resources, courses and avenues for more education and empowerment in this movement.


Stepping into Divine Jurisdiction

Robert Michael defines what jurisdiction is, extended history of law, the systems at play and structures on how to get out in this recording of his seminar in Grass Valley, CA. 

Liberty Dollar Financial Association (LDFA)

Lawful transactional processing between private associations, backed by silver. The bridge-way banking process.

A weekly Zoom Meeting hosted by Michael Batrano

 Open discussions with guests that are focused on all things related to moving into the private domain.

This will soon turn into a video/podcast. The importance of education is reflected and encouraged and when you are ready the Team can assist you in setting up private structures through the PMA Weekly.

Islands of Coherence

3-Month Virtual Retreat / May-July 2022

Cultivating Coherence in Community


Over 50 years of experience with land rights, water rights, mineral rights and right of way.


Protecting your land assets. Getting back to being the true stewards of our land.

Land Patent Education

  • Learn the difference between land patents and real estate
  • What are land patents
  • Where do they come from
  • Why do they exist
  • Why should I know about them
  • How come I don’t know about them?

Live Webinar June 11th

$257.50 per attendee minimum gift required
$310.00 per attendee + spouse minimum gift required

Pre-Recorded Webinar Replay

$300.00 minimum gift required

Land Patent Assistance

Get Assistance with your Land Patent


Silver Land Patent Assistance

+ $      57.50      PayPal fee
$1557.50   Minimum gift required.

Gold Land Patent Assistance

+  $   105      PayPal fee
$3100   Minimum gift required.

Americans In Action- Status, Standing, Jurisdiction 

Correcting Your Status Master-Class”  and more

Learn how to lawfully correct your status (on the record) and what this means, so that you no longer fall victim to corporate government edicts! Learn what it means to “stand”. What it means to live in the Private vs. the Public. And all the steps to get there. 

Blessings of Liberti with Marcia Ann & Dr Dessie Andrews

Foundational understanding of the history of law, war powers act, and how we got into the public system snare. Deep teaching of Substance of Form. Getting back to our true Power. 

Unravelling the mystery of trust

 A deep dive into what a trust is, how to be a good steward of trusts as a trustee, how to use a trust, how to develop a trust and the power of trusts.

Hulda Nystrom’s We Are Human and We Are Nature songs can be found at:

For a pdf of either songbook email